Hello, I am Nina and I have always been a bit different. Since early age, I have loved being creative.

Despite being an only child, I was never bored. I read a lot, because I wanted to know more. I was curious about our being and constantly questioned what could we change in the world. To these questions I found my answers later in life. In the meantime, I graduated in design studies at the Ljubljana Art Academy. I continued my journey by gathering experience in marketing at the media house Delo revije. Later I took on a job as a graphic designer in the marketing agency and magazine publication company called Adria Media. Within the company I later became the artistic editor for some recognized women’s magazines and did this fulfilling job for 15 years.

My professional path then led me to encounter the internationally acclaimed Slovenian children’s brand called Ooh noo, where I spent the last three years designing and taking photographs of wooden toys, bed linen and home accessories. To make the experience more diverse and interesting, I included in my photos toy and bed linen testers – young and older children. That’s when magic took over me – the little faces captured in the lens of my camera enchanted me…

Now I am here, on my own path. It is my wish to show you how I see a priceless snippet of your life. My studio are your children’s rooms, your bedrooms, your living rooms and of course the immense fields, the endless sky, the mountain sceneries and views of the tranquil sea. Anyone can be beautiful and distinctive in the glow of natural light. Playing with the sharpness of light one can disguise and disclose little details. It’s a game that is priceless to me and one I am always trying to concur. I am a hunter of light for it ceaselessly plays hide and seek with me.

I hope you will trust me with some of your precious time. And if you’ll let me, I will try my best to catch the right light for you as well.

P.S. My name is Nina, this is the name I was given at birth. Roydo is the English acronym of my two last names.