On a lovely summer’s morning, a thirty-seven-year-old mom expecting her third child and I decided to meet at her home, in her bedroom. Her friend Ana says she is a pregnant woman with an impeccable figure.

Due to her high-risk pregnancy, Živa has been on maternity leave for some time now and should be resting more. But being a dynamic woman as she is, having two vibrant children, a playful dog Nabo and taking care of the household and everyday cooking, she often forgets to slow down.

We stepped into her bedroom at the top of the stairway. In it there was a big closet, a double bed and a window stretching to the floor. She quickly changed into her pink shade thin silk gown covering her lace lingerie, both carefully chosen for this occasion, and tied the gown belt into a sweet, cute, beautiful ribbon. The remaining belt stripes gently fell over her belly as a delicate waterfall.

As she approached the window, the sun caressed the little freckles decorating her face. She turned to me and asked: “How should I pose?”

“Glance into the distance and caress your tummy, embracing it into your arms”, I replied.

She adjusted her gown to hide what needed to be hidden and embraced her yet to be born baby as a true professional.

“Look, the baby is kicking…” The tight belly, resembling a perfectly shaped ball, gently waved.

“The baby has little space and can’t wait to be catapulted out into the world!”, she shrieked and giggled.

Her flowing golden locks, perfectly cut in a bob, as after a beautiful performance and a vigorous applause that never seems to die, were playfully hiding and reviling the little freckles on her face.

On the stairway, little fast footsteps and claws hitting the floor could be heard, tk tk  tk. Then a cute black nose peeked into the room, followed by a fluffy black and white hairy body. It was Noba. She came to see what was happening and to check if there were any goodies for her to enjoy. She sniffed around and soon realised there is nothing in it for her. She gently touched Živa᾽s belly as if she knew a new playmate will be joining the family soon.