Minca is a cheeky two-year-old who knows how to get her way when she wants to. She has a pair of naughty, witty eyes, ginger curls and little teeth, white as snow. Today was the day when her moods were up in the sky. Her mother was going to take her to town.

We arranged to meet at the Library under the treetops. We were drawn to the arrow leading to the entry. Some artists were busy preparing an exhibition. We passed them walking through a treetop shadowed yard, hidden between old house walls. Their facades enhanced stories of the past and every new painted wall layer hid an ancient tale.

A brown long wooden bench stood by the wall and the long-leafed flowers with orange blossoms seemed as if they have been there forever.

Three teenage girls, who were sitting nearby nibbling on their sandwiches, were curiously observing us.

I reached into my bag and pulled out two dressed, a white one with a pink bow and a pink shade glittering one.

Mina clapped with her little hands and pointed to the white one with the pink bow. She slipped into it while I wove a garland made of field yarrow and chicory.

“Oh my, you are as beautiful as a princess”, her mother and I cried out in one voice.

Our enthusiasm caught the elderly artist’s eye, who just as we, was enhanced by our angel’s beauty and asked if he could take a photo of her with his phone.

Mina was overtaken by all the attention and let us dress her in the glittering dress as well, but unfortunately the garland fell off her head a bit too fast and could not be used any further.