I’ve never met Ajda Rotar Urankar before. I only knew her from the media. When Ilona, the editor-in-chief of L&Z magazine, called me to photograph her for a beauty article, I was, of course, immediately all for it.

We agreed on a proven location at the Ljubljana Castle.

She came, all brunette and smiling. I later found out that this kind and contagious smile could be called her trademark. The young mother of two boys, a four-year-old Liam and a six-month-old Nels, is also a successful entrepreneur and influencer. She is also a designer who creates her brand of cuddling toys in the evenings, Minimellows.


Outside, the light is better

On such a beautiful and cold almost-spring day, it would really be almost a sin not to be photographed outside. Although the café at Ljubljana Castle is beautiful, it was quite full at the time. And of course, because I love natural light for photography. Also because it provides a whole range of options. You just have to catch it at the right time.

At the time, I could admire the play of all shades on Ajda’s face – from soft yellow to powder pink. And the white rose which was given to Ajda by Ilona was fluttering as almost responding to the wind.

Because everything was so perfect, I knew the photos would be good too.


All for a good photo

A few last poses, smiles with warm, brown eyes, and even though she had no coat – she was getting cold – (all for a good photo! :), Ajda played her part perfectly.

I knew that the old stone walls, the big and heavy doors leading to the castle tower and the slightly mysterious castle atmosphere always give the photos that real charm.