Sara will soon be this many, showing me three fingers. Her birthday is in December, the most magical month of the year. It is then we are visited by three Yuletide men, bringing good cheer and presents. She immediately took a liking to the little gift I brought her – a small, soft and gentle rose-coloured heart – pressing it gently against her cheeks.


The little tyke lives below Šmarna Gora and has sport in her genes. Her dad is an incorrigible athlete who kiteboards all around the world. He must be old friends with the wind, since he manages to achieve first class results. Together with Sara’s mum, they climb the local two-thousand meter mountains with astonishing ease. When hiking an easier hill, they take Sara with them. If she’s tired, her dad carries her in his backpack, but usually, she bravely hikes uphill all on her own. The young family loves to travel and discover interesting places.

In short, Sara is a brave, inquisitive, and talkative girl. Her favourite game at home is guess the animal and she never fails to give an answer. She loves to play building blocks with her dad and read Maček Muri with her mum.


When we met on the banks of the Sava river on that faithful autumn day, she was full of life and a real little rocket. She told me where her granny Andreja and she like to walk and where the playground is. While talking to me, she kept throwing pebbles into the river, which caught the attention of the ducklings, thinking there were treats in the water. All the while, I kept snapping photos of her cute and startled grimaces, her spontaneous laughter, playful running to and fro, her mum’s gentle hugs, and nose kisses, punctuated by a sea of kiddy talk.
Along our way, we met a few people walking their puppies that greeted us with their wagging tails.


We decided to conclude our outing by finding an interesting tree stump or log, so I could take a few autumn photographs. And there it was. At the end of the trail. Regal. It was right next to a huge muddy puddle. I needed to employ all my acrobatic prowess before I could press the shutter button.
The sun was already setting behind the horizon when I took a few last gentle portraits for the family album.