They say Valentine’s Day is the harbinger of spring and the mating time for birds.

When I arranged the Valentine Day’s photo shoot with Tej and Kristina, there weren’t many birds in sight, much less any darling buds of May. It was ice cold; the rolling mists reached almost to the ground and nature was full of primal sounds. I could almost distinguish the howling of a jackal in the distance.



It’s not often I meet such a lovely couple. Their earnestness and gentle love for one another immediately won me over. There’s not a mother-in-law under the sun that wouldn’t mind welcoming such an attentive and courteous man into the family. At the tender age of nineteen and twenty, respectively, they both go to university and work in the afternoon. Tej also wakes up at 5 am, drives to town and spends a couple of hours intensively doing sports.

As for the photo shoot, they posed for the camera like old pros.


The gallant boyfriend produced a rose from nowhere and surprised his beloved, which helped me snap wonderful, sensual photographs. They concluded our meeting by enjoying a Valentine’s Day orange and pomegranate cake, prepared especially for them by Yaska, an amateur chef and creative soul who brightens up the day of just about anyone with her passion for cooking, tasting, and experimenting with new recipes. She certainly made our day one to remember. You can get a better impression by looking at the photos below.